The range of our products is composed of foams manufactured from high-quality materials made by renowned world manufacturers on a casting machine of the highest quality by the use of technology which we developed in accordance with market demands.

In addition, we have provided our customers with transport, profiling, pressing and rolling services.

Transport services

With its long-term transport partners, Vapeks has provided its customers with PU foam transport.

Digital measurement of the weight of the package with a possible deviation of 50 g to 200 kg ensures maximum reliability in the preparation and delivery of the order.

Each order is recorded in a database that includes the necessary information about the type of PU foam, date of manufacture, delivery date, personnel who were involved in delivery control.

The buyer is not obliged to use our transport, but is free to organize his own transport.

Pressing & rolling services

Vapex offers its customers the service of pressing and rolling blocks, which means that the customer can significantly reduce transport costs by as much as 50% from the factory to the place of unloading.

Profiling services

According to the needs and orders of customers, we cut sponges of various shapes: profiled “core”, profiled “pillow”, profiled “cornet”, profiled “roller”

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