Foam Type

The range of our products is composed of foams manufactured from high-quality materials made by renowned world manufacturers on a casting machine of the highest quality by the use of technology which we developed in accordance with market demands.


ST foams or standard foams are foams with a balanced correlation between density and hardness, i.e. elasticity. They are adapted to the demands of a large number of clients and as such have a widest application in the manufacturing of mattresses and furniture.

standardne vapen st pene
vapen s pene


VAPEN S foams are foams whose elasticity resembles E foams and whose hardness resembles ST foams, which gives them universal application in furniture industry.


VAPEN EL & HL foams or hard foams are foams of increased durability i.e. hardness. We included them in our product range as a response to market researches which we take part in as well as to our clients’ demands. EL & HL foams are extremely suitable to use on furniture whose main features are form and functionality.

standardne vapen el pene
spg pene vapeks siva


Vapen SPG foams are suitable for making foam products used in households (kitchen sponge like sponge Vileda).

HR foam

HR foams are foams of high performances characterized by high elasticity, i.e. distinct buffer effect and exceptional durability. HR foams are used to produce furniture for which it is essential that the foam does not change its characteristics or rather that it retains them as long as possible. These foams are also used in combination with memory M 55 foam (the so-called sandwich) to produce high-quality polyurethane mattresses.

specijalne hr pene
vapeks memory pene

Memory foam

VAPEN LR – Memory foam is named after its quality to retain (remember) body shape and reduce local pressure on body which makes the furniture it is built in extremely comfortable. It was initially used for medical purposes, only to become one of the most important parts in manufacturing high-quality pillows and mattresses, due to its high level of comfort.

In addition to standard memory foams, we also produce specific, LR 5010 memory cool and LR 5010G memory copper.