Transport service

Vapeks the series with his partner Niz Fenix ​​customers a compelling transportation PU foam, cut to size or in blocks. Digital packages weighing 200kg with a possible deviation of 50g ensures maximumreliability in the preparation and delivery of orders. Each order is recorded in a database that includesthe necessary information on the type of PU foam, production date, delivery date, personnel who was involved in the control of delivery. Colette mark the label with a bar code which enables us to monitor the delivery process and that any possible objection to the problem or respond as soon as possible.

Buyer is not under obligation to use our transport but is free to make their own travel arange from Cacak, if desire.

Pressing Blocks Service

Vapeks offers its customers the service and pressing blocks ensures that the customer can significantly (over 50%) to reduce transport costs from Cacak to delivery place.


Service mattress for our business partners

Depending on the business plans of our partners and assess market potential, we are able to offer several models of cooperation:

  • Sales of products includes exclusive models from our range under the brand name S-Dream
  • The development of commercial brands of our partners under the name
  • Combination of both brands in the product range.